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DWA Equipment Division Launch

   DWA Companies International is very proud and excited to announce a major addition to our product line. With this relatively new addition to our already extensive array of products and services, our equipment product line places us among the elite in terms of sheer number and quality of items offered.  It is difficult to impart in a few words just how extensive an array this is. Simply put, there is literally no tool, power or hand, power generating, construction or cleanup item that is not available. Some covered areas of need include, for example, snow, ice, brush removal, disaster relief and preparedness, etc.  DWA can supply everything needed by the smallest shop on up to the largest government agency or community.  The impetus which propelled us forward was the heart wrenching scenes of our friends and neighbors trying to deal with the ever increasing array of storms, floods, and other environmental disasters. It occurred to us here at DWA that a central clearinghouse array of products would expedite both clean up and preparedness.  Whether it be to keep the power running, to preserve food, allow clean up, or just to complete a building project, DWA can design a custom package of tools and products to fit the needs of communities or individuals.