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International Merger Agreement Announcement 11/2015


Dear Customers,

DWA is happy to announce that DWA International and Global Pacific Co. Ltd. are now merged as one international partnership.

Since 1985 DWA has strived to become a leader in the International coffee trading, import, roasting and distribution business and other international business ventures. In recent months we have taken another step in this direction. We have been able to develop a partnership with our longtime partner company Global Pacific Coffee Co. Ltd., a key supplier of gourmet coffee and equipment components and the international real estate business. We have also made the decision to bring our Marine Sales and Parts division under the growing Global Pacific brand. Many of you have bought from DWA International in the past, you should find that having all of these companies under one branding will make purchasing from us even easier and more interesting in the future. We feel representing all our lines of business under one brand will help us serve the customer better by increasing the ease with which our customers procure and purchase related parts, products and commodities. We hope to make this a smooth transition for all of our customers. Also note, that if you were previously only a customer of either DWA or Global Pacific, you may need to update your supplier records. From a receivables Perspective, Global Pacific will be collecting on behalf of DWA International Co. and all Previous orders and quotes will be handled by Global Pacific as we unify all old orders under our new one brand. If you require any more information in regards to our merger, please feel free to contact our Director, David (DW) Wallace, Sr. by email at or in the office at 210-573-0546, U.S. Or our Mexico office at 011523346242106


The DWA - Global pacific International Team