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Yacht1Credibility and quality are what our team prides itself on the most. We are here to provide the best possible product, customer service, and support for both the recreational and competitive boater. We work closely with manufacturers, independent contractors, and boat owners to insure a quality product and workmanship that we can stand behind. 

We look forward to expanding our market in order to service more clients, makes and models. We not only sell both new and used boats, we assist our clients with all their boating and service needs throughout their boating lifetime.

The DWA TEAM is our key to success. We step outside the norm of yacht and boat sales to make certain our collective expertise is directed by our clients' needs, equating to the best possible service.

Our teams in-depth knowledge of boating and sport fishing keeps us ahead of changing market conditions, both locally and internationally. Each member of our team logs extensive miles at sea each year, giving real-world experience to our foundation of boating and yachting.

Look to DWA's exceptional service complete with clear and frequent communication. A commitment to careful attention to the industry helps us keep our services focused on activities designed to bring added value to the processes of selling and buying boats and yachts. 

Boat and Yacht Sales

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DWA offers a variety of new and used boats, motors and trailers

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The button below will take you to the DWA Marine Store site which lists new and used boats and motors. In addition, the store site also lists over 80,000 fishing, marine, and outdoor products. We care about your user experience! If you don't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your valued business

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