Scuba Diving

Mexico diving is varied due to the fact that part of it is in the Caribbean Sea and the other part in the Pacific Ocean: Most of Mexico has sunny weather for a large part of the year. Located between the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean to the east and the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) to the west and south, the country's climate is largely affected by these large bodies of water as well as Sierra Madre mountain ranges that extend along most of each coastline.The varied topography explains the different climates of each region. Average air temperature during the year: 16-49°c. Average Water surface temperature: 26-29°c. Recommended wetsuit is a skin or a 3mm (shorty) for the hot months and from 3mm to 5mm (full) wetsuit for the colder months depending on the natural insulation layer of the diver. Visibility: 25m to over 60m depending on the region and time of the year. Coldest time: December to February. Warmest time: June to September. It is possible to dive most of the year. Best time to dive: Cozumel, March and August. Cancún, May to August. Mexico's Pacific coast, August to February. The Cenotes, November to March. Call us for information and pricing with one of our expert dive guide services.